Welcome to my portfolio!

Austyn Roney Bio PhotoHello there!

My name is Austyn James Roney and I am a content creator with over three years of professional experience in writing blogs, editorials, and press releases on top of crafting video content, hosting live broadcasts, and conducting interviews with industry professionals to name a few of my skills!

I have written for multiple news sites, with my strongest focus being on technology, entertainment, and gaming. I have been an Associate Editor at Shoryuken.com for over a year and have crafted countless contacts and generated strong relationships between myself, developers, manufacturers, and industry professionals. I’ve covered major events like the Red Bull Proving Grounds Finals in 2016, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, more readily known as E3 in 2018, along with Evo 2018, the world’s largest fighting game tournament, with multiple early looks at the most anticipated video game titles!

I have studied SEO techniques and practically live on social media, so I am always up to date with the latest trend and happening! I’m a jack of all trades with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, and more!

My professional experience combined with the practical techniques learned at the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas has given me great insight on the tried and true methods of storytelling and the strategies needed in today’s digital world.

While most of my work has been hosted at shoryuken.com, you can locate new and upcoming projects with a broader focus right here on my own personal webpage!

Feel free to contact me through the contact page, austynroney@gmail.com or via my cell at 469-734-1993!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you see!

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