Heroes and villains come together like never before in the story trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ


Amnesia, Action, and Androids

Bandai Namco released an English subtitled version of the story mode trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ, now we can dive into the details of this new adventure!

Android 21, the main antagonist of the upcoming title, appears to make a wish to the Namekian dragon, Porunga. Directly afterward, an army of evil clones scour the earth and its heroes begin to collapse one after another. Villains from the past are resurrected and Android 16 joins Android 21 due to a connection yet to be revealed. Goku regains his consciousness, but not everything is as it seems with the franchise’s headstrong hero.

Dragon Ball FighterZ “links” the player with multiple characters throughout its three-arc story mode. This literally puts the player in the characters’ shoes. In one arc, players will assume the role of Goku, with no knowledge of the hero or his friends. This causes confusion for Bulma, who believes Goku is playing a game with her. (Which technically is true.) The player also links with Frieza and Android 18 in their respective arcs. Perspectives of many of the franchise’s heroes and villains are shown as the narrative unfolds. Those wanting to uncover the “Hidden Truth” of the story will need to complete all three story modes.

Players create bonds with the Super Warriors and unlock special skills that boost the strength of their fighters. Characters also level up as they gain experience from each battle. The extent of this leveling system has yet to be seen, but one can expect boosts to overall health and power as indicated in the trailer.

The plot thickens as Android 21’s plans and motives are still unknown. Players can find out the true extent of the android’s genius and how the Dragon Ball universe comes together to stop her on January 26 when Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Bandai Namco

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